Fantasy Football 101 – The Basics

Fantasy Football 101 is a quick and easy primer consisting of six articles that will guide you from the very beginning (always a good place to start) and explain the basics one step at a time.

Perhaps you found your way to this page because your friends talk about fantasy football and you want to understand what it is. Maybe you have decided to get started in the game that tens of millions play to enhance their NFL experience each year. Whatever the reason, hopefully you will get hooked, like the rest of us, and enjoy fantasy football for many years to come.

The Fantasy Football 101 articles listed below are designed to help a person who, like me in 1990, has never heard of the term “fantasy football” (To learn how I got my start in fantasy football, read our “About” page. I wish there had been a resource like Fantasy Football Impact back then). Key terms are explained and concepts are presented in logical manner building on material previously learned. So let’s get started!

Click on the links below to access each of the articles.

Once you have finished the Fantasy Football 101 series, feel free to dig into the articles on Drafting Strategies and In-Season Management Strategies. They explain the concepts you will need to be successful in fantasy football.

Fantasy Football 101

Disclaimer: Fantasy football is a game of speculation; therefore, Fantasy Football Impact disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, regarding player performance or results associated with its opinions or advice.