Offseason Activity in the NFL

The Offseason Activity section of Fantasy Football Impact is designed to keep team owners informed of NFL activities that occur during the offseason. Offseason activity in the NFL has a major impact on fantasy football team owners because so many players change teams during this time.

In search of a big payday, players change teams via free agency. Other players, released by their team, use free agency to hopefully just stay in the league. Some NFL teams trade players for draft picks. Other teams, unhappy with the path they are on, make changes at the top by hiring new head coaches. Let’s also not forget about the new players coming out of college.

The league will conduct its draft in April this year for those young prospects who are hoping to start a successful, professional career.

Each April, the NFL releases the league’s schedule for the upcoming year. Make sure to read our analysis of every team’s schedule.

Successful fantasy football team owners keep themselves informed of important offseason activities and Fantasy Football Impact is the place to get it.

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Offseason Activity in the NFL

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