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Fantasy Football Impact strives to bring you the most useful information to help you gain a competitive advantage in your league – and there is no better all-inclusive tool with which to achieve that goal than our 568-page 2016 Draft Guide. We have done the research you just don’t have the time to do and we present it in a logical, straight-forward format. Included is our team-by-team analysis (details below), tiered rankings of 300 position players (standard and PPR format), kickers and team defenses as well as several informative articles (details below), weekly schedules and team schedules.

Our 2016 Draft Guide is now available at last year’s price – just $5.99!

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So What’s in our 2016 Draft Guide? Check it out!

Team-By-Team Analysis:

The meat and potatoes of our 2016 Draft Guide is our team-by-team analysis in which we review every relevant fantasy player including the team defense. (Click here to download a sample of our 2016 Team-by-Team Analysis in PDF format)As a part of the analysis, we discuss:

  • off-season coaching and player changes
  • team schedule and difficulty by position
  • fantasy playoff match-ups
  • 2015 stats and rankings as well as extrapolated stats for those players who played less than a full 16-game schedule
  • fantasy production rankings, including PPR rankings for running backs, wide receivers and tight ends
  • injury history
  • offensive line effectiveness and 0ff-season changes
  • full-color charts and graphs of team reception and touchdown distribution by position, individual per-game fantasy production (standard and PPR format) for the past five years and individual fantasy point range distribution from 2015.

At the end of the team analyses, all fantasy relevant players are ranked by position along with their stats for the past three NFL seasons.  Our tiered rankings include the top 36 quarterbacks, 68 running backs, 96 wide receivers, 38 tight ends, 34 kickers and, of course, all 32 team defenses. To keep you up to date with changes throughout the summer, a password to our Pre-Season Rankings page is included with the price of the guide so you can confidently draft your team knowing you have the latest rankings in hand. (Our latest update was made September 5). The password on the first page of the Player Rankings section of the Draft Guide.  Also included are last year’s NFL final standings as well as the 2016 schedule in two different formats – week by week with a bye-week summary and by individual team. Our 2016 Draft Guide is published in PDF format and can be downloaded quickly and easily to your computer or digital device. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, download it for free by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon below: get_adobe_reader

Informative Fantasy Articles:

The Guide also includes a 30+ page discussion entitled “2015 in Review – The Impact Awards.”  The award categories include:

  • Top Fantasy Players by Position (QB, RB, RB-PPR, WR, WR-PPR, TE, TE-PPR, DEF and K)
  • Top Undrafted Fantasy Players by Position
  • Best One Game Fantasy Performances by Position
  • Most Valuable Fantasy Players by Position in the Fantasy Playoffs (weeks 15 and 16)
  • Best Fantasy Draft Value by Position
  • Biggest Fantasy Bust by Position

Other articles in our guide include our regular features: “Frequent Flyers and Groundhogs”, “The PPR Effect” and “Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck” presented in the context of 2015 performance stats.

Frequent Flyers and Groundhogs (synopsis) – “When making decisions about which players to draft, it is beneficial to know which teams like to take to the air and which teams prefer run the ball down an opponent’s throat.” Each NFL team is ranked by their propensity to throw the ball (passing percentage) as well as listing their total plays, passing plays and running plays from 2015.

The PPR Effect (synopsis) – “The value of running backs, wide receivers and tight ends is affected greatly by a league’s scoring format. Points per reception (PPR) leagues skew the scoring by awarding additional fantasy points for each pass caught. It should be immediately apparent that running backs who are involved in their NFL team’s passing game are more valuable in these types of leagues. The same can be said of wide receivers and tight ends that are targeted more frequently by their quarterback than other receivers on their team. This increase in value has a direct impact on when such players will be selected in a draft.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck (synopsis) – “Offensive coordinators are concerned with wins, not maximizing their players’ stat lines. They will incorporate whatever scheme they feel gives them the best chance of winning with the pool of talent they have on their roster. Fantasy team owners are also concerned with wins; however, their success is entirely dependent on their players’ stat lines. And therein lays the rub. How can team owners differentiate whether a player is talented, but under-utilized, or is of average ability, but is accumulating a lot of fantasy points through shear volume? One way to answer that question is to calculate fantasy point production by opportunity. In other words, determine how many fantasy points a player generates each time he is involved in a team’s offensive play.”

Our 2016 Draft Guide is now available at last year’s price – just $5.99!

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