Special Features

We hope our special features section will enhance your experience at Fantasy Football Impact. Enjoy!

Feature 1 – Yahoo Default List Movement

Do you draft your fantasy football team online at Yahoo? If so, then you will want to keep up-to-date with the movement of players on the Yahoo Default Player List. See what players are making the biggest moves either up or down. Learn whether your sleeper pick is no longer a well-kept secret or if a player you are targeting just got less expensive by falling down the list. Updated throughout the summer.

Feature 2 – Intimidating and Creative Fantasy Football Team Names

Are you trying to think up intimidating or unusual names for your fantasy football team this year. Well here are nearly 1000 ideas listed alphabetically for you. Reading through them may get your own creative juices flowing.

Feature 3 – Super Bowl Trivia Challenge

Our Super Bowl History page presents a 25-question trivia challenge and a comprehensive table of Super Bowl appearances for each NFL team (Do you know how many teams have never made a Super Bowl appearance? You will if you take the challege).

The trivia challenge has nothing at all to do with fantasy football, but Super Bowl trivia is always interesting to football fans. If nothing else, you can learn some interesting facts that will make you look very smart at your next fantasy football draft. Good luck!

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Special Features

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