Drafting Strategies

The articles in the Drafting Strategies portion of Fantasy Football Impact are designed to help you make the best possible selections during your fantasy football draft. Draft day is the most important day of the fantasy football season. Don’t go in unprepared. If you are to be successful in fantasy football, it is imperative to develop drafting strategies that will create a competitive advantage for you and maximize your team’s ability to score with consistency throughout the season. The concepts you will learn in these articles will give information you the you need to dominate your league!

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Once you have finished the series on Drafting Strategies, don’t forget to read through the articles on In-Season Management Strategies. They explain the concepts you will need to be successful throughout the fantasy football season.

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Drafting Strategies

Disclaimer: Fantasy football is a game of speculation; therefore, Fantasy Football Impact disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, regarding player performance or results associated with its opinions or advice.